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ISTEP April 18th-29th

ISTEP Begins on Monday, April 18th and continues through April 29th for grades 3 & 4.

Please help us help your child, by having your student to school on time and ready to

“ace” the test!

Here are ways to help your child make the grade!

Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest before every


Serve a light, healthful breakfast on test day.

Have your child dress for comfort.

Ensure that your child gets to school on time.

Bolster your child’s confidence by sending them off to

school with words of praise and support.

If stress is an issue suggest that your child do deep

breathing exercises to relax before testing begins.

Tell your child that it is very important to pay close

attention to directions, read instructions carefully, and

ask questions if anything isn’t clear.

Advise your child to do the easiest parts of the test first,

and to check over answers before turning it in. Remind

your child that if there is time, they should go back and

try to answer those harder questions.

Encourage your child to want to score well, but explain

that one test can never measure all your child can do.


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